Beer List

We have a lineup of Core, Seasonal and Special craft beers that rotates weekly. Most beers are available on draft and to-go in cans and growlers.

Core Beers

(These craft beers almost always available on draft and to-go)

  • 24th Street Pale Ale
  • Beach House Amber
  • Atticus IPA
  • Little Bear IPA
  • Flying Cat IPA
  • Throwback Lager
  • Strand Blonde

Seasonal Beers

(Get a taste of the true craft of brewing with these craft beers available at certain times of the year)

  • Lo-Fidelity IPA
  • Abraham Lickin’ DIPA
  • Wake Up! Coffee Stout
  • Hibiscus Blonde
  • Cali White (white ale)

Special Beers

(these come and go constantly)

  • White Sand DIPA
  • Ginger Lime Blonde
  • Trumpet (hoppy AF Blonde)
  • Caramel Porter
  • East India Pale Ale (pale with Indian spices)
  • More to come!