[Strand Brewing Company] Flying Hero Club at Strand

Sunday at Strand: Flying Hero Club!
Want to watch real super heroes fly? If you stop by the brewery this Sunday, March 31st, you’ll see just that.
Introducing Flying Heroes Club, a charity benefiting special needs children with a very important yet simple mission: to help challenged kids SMILE. Flying Heroes Club offers the feeling of soaring like Superman, maneuver like Ironman, or swoop like Spiderman to children with special needs. All of this right outside our brewery!


When a child has a special need, disease or illness, it is all consuming. Hospital visits and medical treatments like Chemotherapy ravage their body. Poked and prodded on a daily basis, they are scared, tired and just want to “Be a Kid”. At the FLYING HERO CLUB, Stunt Coordinator, Jim Churchman offers the kids a reason to SMILE and be a SUPER HERO. Our goal is to briefly take their mind off the struggles that they so bravely fight, and give them something else to think about, talk about, and experience. By allowing the kids to fly like the SUPER HEROES they create SMILES and memories that will last forever.

Jim sets up a computerized flying system, the same system that has flown the likes of: Kate Beckinsale, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, Halle Berry, Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, and more. The kids will be flown on a belly board, where they are free to act like their favorite superheroes in costumes we provide. If they cannot lie on a belly board, we can pick them up, right in their wheelchair! We want every able little warrior to enjoy the power of flight! They will fly approximately 100 feet across a given location, at around 4 feet high. We start them slow and increase the fun according to their comfort level. These awesome kid’s reactions are recorded live on GoPro cameras. The footage is downloaded to a thumb drive and given to the families, on the spot!

Jim Churchman, creator of the FLYING HERO CLUB, is a Stunt Coordinator for some of Hollywood’s biggest blockbuster superhero movies. He specializes in making performers fly. Now he wants to share that feeling with young people who can benefit most from the experience. The supporting crew are some of the most skilled, compassionate people on the planet.

We will be flying from 9am to 5pm with a fun after party from 5 to 8pm.

We hope to see you and your family at Strand this Sunday.